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Want to Improve First Call Resolution? Count on CTI Integration in Salesforce

Just put yourself in your customer’s shoes and feel how frustrating it could be e when you have to spend days or months speaking to a representative, and still, you don’t get a satisfactory resolution to your problem.

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You might be scared thinking of spending another couple of days or months on getting a hold of a customer care representative.

This is exactly the experience that affects customer experiences adversely. Indeed, you’d want to prevent your customers from such experiences.

Even worse, it annoys callers more when they don’t get a satisfactory resolution, even after waiting so long and repeatedly attempting to speak to an executive.

That’s where you need an appropriate solution for better call management and reducing customer anxiety in every way.

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With CTI integration Salesforce, you can easily improve first-call resolution delivering quality experiences to your callers. You get a wide range of features that easily help you do that.

Let’s find out how you can do that.

CTI Integration for Improving First Call Resolution

Transfer Calls to the Right Department

Without deep and extensive knowledge, it is impossible to resolve concerns rightly.

This is why every incoming inquiry over call must go to the experts.

Every customer comes with a unique kind of query and concern. So you cannot expect one team to resolve all concerns successfully.

It needs expert assistance to resolve concerns effectively and increase customer satisfaction.

So, sometimes you must transfer calls to the relevant department after listening to the caller’s query.

CTI integration in Salesforce provides you with call transfer capability so that you can connect the caller to the right department based on their query.

With the call transfer feature, you can bridge the gap between customers and experts. The best part is that all this can happen over a single call, and your callers do not have to wait months to speak to the right person.

This will prevent your callers from making calls repeatedly to get the right and satisfactory resolution.

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For the best call transfer experience, you should always look fora warm transfer. Usually, a call is auto-disconnected when a call is transferred to a third person. But in the case of warm transfer, the call doesn’t get auto-disconnected.

Therefore, you get time to introduce the caller to the person you are transferring the call to. This will help you improve caller experiences along with First call resolution.

Add the Senior or Expert Person to the Call

Many times, callers need a detailed explanation and solution.

Usually, agents at an executive level have limited knowledge about business offerings which limits their problem-solving capabilities too.

This is where you need someone from senior authorities to intervene and resolve customer queries.

And to do so, Salesforce CTI integration provides you with a call conferencing option to add another person to the call.

You can give a satisfactory resolution over a single call eliminating the need for multiple calls from a caller.

Without call conferencing, you cannot bring the concerned person or department over the ongoing call or you might have to put callers on hold for longer meanwhile you are looking for a solution.

Both scenarios will lead to customer dissatisfaction and leave a bad brand impression, which you can’t afford for your brand image.

Route Calls to the Relevant Department Even Before a Call is Answered

Salesforce CTI integration reduces your workload to a great degree. CTI provides you with a vital functionality called call routing.

With this capability, you can prevent yourself from routing calls manually. You can configure criteria for call routing,

So the call is automatically routed to the best-suited department based on the customer data and criteria configured.

This way, the caller’s calls go to the correct department even before the call is answered.

With advanced call routing, you can decide the entire journey of calls.

Advanced call routing provides you with more granular controls to route calls.

For example, you can even do that if you want to route calls to a specific person on particular days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.).

This way, you can decide to which person the call will be routed on which day.


Even after so many attempts, when callers don’t get a satisfactory resolution, it ruins their experiences. Also, this hampers a brand reputation. CTI integration in Salesforce provides you with the necessary features that help you improve first-call resolution. You can connect callers to the correct department depending on their query, which helps them get the quick and best solution over a single call.  Whether you want the other person to handle the call  solely or you want to stay on the call with the concerned person, you can manage calls the way you want with CTI. This ultimately leads to quality customer experiences and allows your brand to shine in the crowd of competitors.

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