Best 5 Guest Posting Sites To Build Backlinks & Traffic in 2023!

Best 5 Guest Posting Sites To Build Backlinks & Traffic in 2023!


The adage goes, “out of sight, out of mind,” – but brands can’t afford that if they’re to be deemed successful.


Guest posting is one of the most important online marketing tactics that are still widely used to build up reputation and word of mouth (WOM) for a brand that’s trying to establish itself as a key player in its category. It’s one of the simplest yet most high-value tactics that works by writing and publishing articles of value on other related sites. 


The Idea Behind Guest Posting

The idea behind this technique is for your website to attract some of the traffic that comes to authoritative sites to promote lead generation and sales. It helps boost your rankings on major search engines, as having high-quality backlinks pointing back to your website enhances its reputation. 

Plus, ranking at the top of search results has become difficult lately. One of the key factors in the process involves gauging how high your domain authority (DA) is and how many websites refer to your content and consider it authoritative. You can improve these metrics by contributing guest posts and driving backlinks, which helps rank your content and website higher faster.

You must thus target the best guest post websites with a high DA if you want your rankings and position to improve. The higher the DA, the better would be the quality of the linkbacks. 

Benefits of a Great Guest Blogging Strategy

For the uninitiated or people who are still exploring this powerful strategy for brand building, let’s look at what you can expect by giving your websites those much-loved backlinks from websites of repute:

  • Accessing New Audiences: There are a couple of ways through which this can be done; however, submitting blogs on related websites is still one of the most effective techniques out there. In doing so, you will attract qualified traffic that is interested in what you have to offer rather than shooting in the dark, allowing you access to a whole new audience. 
  • Builds Brand Value and Trust: Ever since social media and blogging went big, traditional marketing tactics have been rendered not so effective. It’s important to first build brand value and trust, which is more likely to pull more people your way. 
  • Lead Generation: Once you have access to that pool of new audiences and have created a strong online presence for your brand, you can expect a decrease in false positives and more qualified leads interested in what you have to offer. 

However, as a marketer/brand, it’s important to understand that guest blogging is a dual-edged sword that can either make or break your brand, depending on the quality of backlinks pointing back to your website.

Top 5 Guest Posting Sites for Backlinks

Top 100 Guest Posting Site List | How to Submit a Guest Post – Freelance Topic

1. WittyPen

  • Niche – Content Creation 

At WittyPen, we invite guest authors to contribute content for niches like content writing, marketing, and SEO. We have 25K+ followers on LinkedIn, which includes the top content marketers and freelance writers in the industry.

Writing guest posts for WittyPen can thus help you gain better visibility, as we specialize in creating some of the most valuable content online, spanning a wide range of domains.

You can visit our website here.

2. Creately

  • DA – 76
  • Niche – Data Visualization and Collaboration

Creately should be your platform of choice if you intend to submit a blog about visual collaboration, visual project management, data visualization, etc.

3. A List Apart

  • DA – 87
  • Niche – Coding and Technology

A List Apart accepts guest blogs in the Technology, content marketing, business, design, project management, UI/UX and various other domains. 



  • DA – 75
  • Niche – Startup News and Stories

As the name suggests, you can publish guest posts related to startup stories, business news content, and lifestyle-related posts. It’s a great option for new startups looking to establish a voice. 

5. Webflow

  • DA – 92
  • Niche – Modern Web

Webflow’s blog specialises in news stories and articles, enabling designers, marketers, and creatives to discover the latest in design, the modern web, and the no-code movement.

6. Outbrain

  • DA – 87
  • Niche – Content Marketing

Outbrain is a content marketing platform used by almost every brand under the sun and provides tremendous potential in getting the word out about your brand.

7. HubSpot

  • DA – 93
  • Niche – Marketing and Data Analytics

HubSpot publishes posts that are data-driven, comprehensive, and insightful. They are one of the most reputed names online and work with some of the most renowned online brands.

8. Mashable

  • DA – 91
  • Niche – Technology

A premium online zine for everything technology, Mashable has a strong reputation in the tech domain, so keep them in mind if you own or run a tech company. 

9. Smashing Magazine

  • DA – 90
  • Niche – Web Design and Development

Targeting developers and designers, Smashing Magazine is well-known for publishing high-quality content in its domain. 

350 Free Guest Posting Sites to Submit Guest Posts in 2023

10. Social Media Examiner

  • DA – 87
  • Niche – Social Media 

As you may have guessed, they publish a range of topics about social media and creators.

11. Readwrite

  • DA – 83
  • Niche – IoT and Connected World

Readwrite covers everything in the IoT and connected world domain with high domain authority.

12. Inkwell Editorial

  • DA – 51
  • Niche – Affiliate Marketing

InkWell Editorial’s blog is dedicated to publishing topics on SEO, case studies, content marketing, blogging/affiliate marketing, etc. If you are an independent blogger, you can also get paid up to $50 per post.

13. Innovation Management

  • DA – 71
  • Niche – Thought Leadership 

Innovation Management accepts free guest posts on thought leadership, researched articles, etc., for publication. 

14. MarketingProfs

  • DA – 84
  • Niche – Thought Leadership and B2B Content 

MarketingProfs’ blog focuses on enterprise, B2B, thought leadership, and opinion pieces. It’s one of the most well-known blogs frequented by content marketers.

15. B2BMarketing

  • DA – 78
  • Niche – B2B

If you’re in the B2B domain, this platform should be your go-to to publish well-researched business-related guest posts.

16. Cloudways

  • DA – 90
  • Niche – Technology

Cloudways accepts posts on the latest in technology and the connected world. If you’re looking for a reputed site in this niche with a formidable DA, then this is a great place to start.


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