Choosing The Ultimate Sherwani Color For Men Based On Season

Sherwani for men has a different appeal! Since the wedding season is going on – it becomes quite challenging to select the best sherwani. The stores are full of people which is inconvenient and does not allow them to try and experiment much. You must have surely seen men in maroon, black, navy and gold sherwanis at weddings. However, that is a little common! To experiment with something innovative, you must go for varied prints and shades.

To make the colour selection a little easier – we have brought a guide where you can choose Sherwani colours based on the season. In addition, you must also take various fabrics, designs, and embellishments into account. Believe us; you will never go wrong choosing the ideal colour of wedding sherwani for every season if you stick to these easy guidelines.

  1. Chilly Winter Weddings: Winters are for extravagance and grandeur, so don your softest velvets and grandest brocades. Some of the greatest colours for sherwani in cold weather weddings include rich reds, warm blues and sparkling golds. A purplish or earthy shade jacquard sherwani or a royal blue one is both excellent options. Indulge in beautiful extravagance during the fall months by going all out with elaborate thread work, mirror work, foil work and tassels.


  1. Warm Summer Weddings: Warm and frosty hues like chromatic pinks, light blue, pristine cream, energetic leafy greens, and zesty oranges are all the rage for summer weddings. Fabrics that are light and airy perfect for outdoor gatherings because they will keep you feeling comfortable all day. How about wearing a white sherwani? A white sherwani will also make up an ideal sherwani for the groom. It will keep you cool during the summer and shall also complement your bride.


  1. Blooming Spring Weddings: When searching for popular kurta pyjama colours for weddings in the spring season – consider more flora tones or pastels like light pink, light green, off-white, and lavender with sporadic bursts of yellow. The nice and breezy weather is best suited for exquisite silk sherwanis or ones in georgette materials. Consider delicate chikankari-embroidered or floral-printed sherwanis that encapsulate the spirit of the season and exude a youthful appeal.




Since people avoid weddings in the rainy season – we are not including that in our guide. If you have a wedding from July to September, consider sticking to the spring idea as that would be perfect! There are a plethora of colour options when you plan to pick an appropriate sherwani. When in doubt, choose hues that express your unique sense of style. For more ideas, browse through Kora’s website and discover the colors of sherwani at their online store that is most flattering to you. You can even order from them and enjoy their virtual trial option for a better shopping experience. So, visit them today and avoid the rush at physical stores. After all, what is better than shopping at your own convenience?

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