What Cards Can Nigerians Use Now To Make International Transactions?

What Cards Can Nigerians Use Now To Make International Transactions?


International travel is one of the best things about living in Nigeria. It’s a great way to explore other countries, meet new people, and experience new cultures. However, if you’re planning on going abroad anytime soon, make sure you have your travel funds ready so everything runs smoothly! If you’re worried about carrying large amounts of cash or want to make sure everything goes smoothly without any issues whatsoever (you know how airports can be), here are some ways you can bring your money with you:

All cards issued by Nigerian banks are currently restricted to Nigeria only.

You can’t use your bank cards to make international transactions if you’re a Nigerian citizen. The reason is simple: local banks don’t issue international cards. Any card with your bank name printed on it will only work in Nigeria, not anywhere else in the world. Other options exist if you want to get out of the country and use your money abroad (listed below).

Visa card

  • You can use your Visa card to make online payments or in-store purchases.
  • You can use your Visa card to pay for groceries, gas, and other necessities by swiping it at a store’s checkout counter. If a cashier asks for payment with cash, you should have no problem using your credit card to pay them back.
  • The best thing about using a Visa card is that it’s accepted in most countries around the world, so if you ever travel abroad and don’t want to worry about finding an ATM or local bank branch that has agreed-upon rates with your bank (usually called interbank rates), then always carry some form of plastic money with you when traveling domestically or internationally.
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Mastercard is a payment card issued by Mastercard Worldwide. It was introduced in 1966 and is accepted at over 22,000 locations across Nigeria.

Mastercard is accepted in over 200 countries worldwide and has more than 1 million locations where it can be used to make purchases.


  • UnionPay is a Chinese bank card that can be used in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.
  • However, it cannot be used in Nigeria.

WeChat Pay (China)

  • WeChat Pay is a payment platform run by Tencent, the same company that owns WeChat itself. It’s one of the most popular payment options in China and Hong Kong.
  • It is available in those two countries only. It’s not even available for people outside of China or Hong Kong—including Nigeria! So if you’re planning on traveling to Nigeria anytime soon and want to use your WeChat Pay account, don’t pack it.
  • Similarly, while some American users have reported success using their WeChat Pay accounts with American banks like Citibank or Wells Fargo (both of which have strong relationships with Chinese banks), it isn’t clear whether this can be done in practice without any technical hitch—and because Nigerian banks don’t support foreign transactions at all (more on this later), we wouldn’t recommend trying it out just yet.

AliPay (China)

AliPay is a mobile payment system owned by Alibaba Group. It’s the world’s most prominent mobile payment platform, and it was launched in 2004. AliPay was developed by Alibaba Group’s Ant Financial Services Group (AFSG), which partnered with Tencent to bring WeChat Pay to China, allowing people to use their phones to pay for goods and services at brick-and-mortar stores.

AliPay allows users to send money quickly and easily over their smartphones—you can add funds from your bank account or debit card, then send cash through the app (or its website) using your phone number or QR code as your unique identifier. You can also transfer funds between accounts within seconds of receiving them; you don’t even need an internet connection once you’ve added funds from a bank account!

None of the cards you can use in Nigeria can be used abroad currently.

Even with the rapid rise of mobile payments in Nigeria, several factors can come into play when making international transactions.

The first is that none of the cards you can use in Nigeria can be used abroad currently. This includes your Visa card, Mastercard, and UnionPay. The only exception is WeChat Pay (China) and AliPay (China). However, there are some essential restrictions on these two services:

  • WeChat Pay and AliPay only accept Chinese yuan as a currency; if you have a Nigerian bank account, then this is not an issue, as your Naira balance should be converted automatically by your bank into Chinese Yuan when making payments via these platforms. Still, if you do not have a Nigerian bank account, then this would mean that any amount paid will not be converted back into Nigerian currency at all! Any transaction made via WeChat and AliPay could leave you less foreign currency than expected or no foreign currency once converted back to Naira by your financial institution.


So, there you have it—the top five cards that Nigerians can use to make international transactions. The fact that they are restricted to Nigeria only means that they can’t be used abroad, which makes sense because most people don’t have enough money to travel around the world or move outside their borders. This means that if you want a card that allows you to buy things over the internet or send money abroad (or even withdraw cash), then the choice is limited immediately unless you get one of these five options listed above! buy reloadable virtual credit card 2023


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