Behind the Scenes: A Look into the Supply Chain of Salon Products

The salon industry is a part of the global supply chain process, which involves a lot of steps before a person gets the right products for their hair and facial treatment. 

We are often concerned about the right hair care products or the flawless colors, but behind those efforts is the complex process of the supply chain before it arrives at the hands of the stylist. 

In this blog, we will look at the supply chain and the logistic process of these beauty products, which helps an individual to get the desired look in the salon. 

  • The Origins: Sourcing Raw Materials

To get barber shop supplies in Toronto or at other locations, a person or a company needs to source the right materials, which will go into the process. Here comes the concept of salon products, which need ethical sourcing and sustainability criteria before they go into manufacturing. 

Nowadays, consumers are concerned about the product quality and the ingredients which are inside that product. Based on those requirements, brands are no longer putting synthetic chemicals in their products; thus, the pressure of sourcing the natural elements falls on the supply chain line. 

  • Manufacturing Process: From Formulating to Packaging

The intricate process of manufacturing is quite tedious, as it requires product research and development, and then it goes through the testing phase. After that, the product needs to get approval from the registered authority, which looks after the safety of the consumers and checks those products. 

After that, several manufacturing techniques were employed, which might include the process of batch production to advanced automation, which has increased the speed of the manufacturing process. 

Then comes the part of the packaging, where a manufacturer needs to package the item based on the aesthetics mentioned by the marketing brand, and then it’s ready for the distribution process. 

  • Distribution Network: Navigating the Logistics 

The complex network of distribution is there to ensure that the products get delivered to the correct location within the registered time. In the distribution phase, three parties mostly stay involved: the distributors, the wholesalers, and the retailers.

For the products to come into the salon, the retailer needs to have stock of that particular product, and that can happen only when the wholesaler has the stock present. With the advent of e-commerce facilities, salons can now source products directly from an online platform at a wholesale rate.

One can get all the barbershop supplies in Toronto or at other locations nowadays, mostly through an online process, which reduces the need to gather those products from the local market. 

  • The Salon Connection: Partnering With Professionals

A premium salon can also partner with a professional company that will produce certain kinds of hair cream, and the salon will get those products at a much-discounted rate. It helps the brand introduce new products to the customers, and the salon can also make commissions in return. 

Through this entire process of the supply chain, a product finally comes to the customers, and then they use it, and the same process repeats after that. 

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