How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death?

The iPhone continues to be one of these widely used smartphones available and it is no longer tough to wager why. Apple products are accessible, clean to apply, and pair effects with the alternative gadgets we use every day.

We use our iPhones for the whole thing from paintings to staying connected to family, so it can be a massive problem when it stops running.

Despite their durability, iPhones can nonetheless ruin or malfunction and a not unusual trouble Asurion Experts see often is what’s known as the “black display of death.”

What exactly is the black display of dying and why does it manifest?

Almost every electronic tool has its very own model of a “display of loss of life.” Computers and laptops have the “blue display of loss of life” and game consoles have the “red ring of death.”

In the case of the iPhone’s black display of loss of life, the tool’s display screen is blank and may not reply to the touch, however, you may inform by using vibrations or sounds that the smartphone remains functioning.

This is an immensely frustrating issue to face due to the fact, without display visibility or touch responsiveness, your iPhone isn’t always an awful lot greater than a vibrating paperweight.

When your generation works, your life does too. Asurion Experts have the tools and enjoy to help restore problems in more than 6,000+ devices, and the iPhone is no exception.

While it is real that lots of these “issues of loss of life” are critical malfunctions, only a few of them are irreversible.

Here are the techniques our professionals advocate to diagnose and troubleshoot your iPhone’s black screen of death and get it working once more.

Black display screen of demise troubleshooting recommendations

Most often, a black screen of death issue can manifest from damage to the screen at some point of an awful drop or accident.

If the additives connect the display screen to the motherboard server, the telephone display will be unresponsive. But the black display screen of death also can appear because of software program issues inside the tool.

Malfunctions with an iOS upgrade or downgrade can potentially cause difficulty, in addition to headaches from trying to jailbreak or modify the firmware to your own.

No, be counted how the black display screen of death in your iPhone befell, there are some troubleshooting methods that you can use to try to fix it or at the least save you the difficulty from completely affecting the statistics or pix you have got saved on the telephone.


The very first troubleshooting trick to strive for is just ensuring that your device is, in truth, a victim of the black display screen of demise.

A tired battery can appear much like this issue, so it is vital to rule that out first. Connect your device to a functioning power supply, and look ahead to it to respond.

If you still see no response from the display or the device vibrates as if it turned into charging, you understand the actuality that you’re going through the black screen of loss of life.


Malfunctions within app software also can purpose iPhones to have the black screen of death. You could get a display screen malfunction. In this case, killing the app need to permit your display screen again.

To do that, swipe up or quickly press the house button twice (in case your cellphone nonetheless has one) to peer at all your open apps. Swipe up for your recent apps to perceive what’s causing the malfunction and near it.


If you have encountered issues together with your favored digital devices before, you have likely heard someone say, “Well have you tried turning it off and lower back on again?”.

This might not sound like the most beneficial advice, however, it is sincerely the first thing our specialists endorse while dealing with an ability software program or hardware issue with your iPhone.

Turning a device off and returning on once more is now and again called a forced restart or a hard reset. Doing this simple motion forces your iPhone to power cycle and in turn, clears its quick-time period memory.

Steps will range from relying on your iPhone version—for commands, test out our manual to a way to force restart one of these iPhones.


If not one of the aforementioned troubleshooting tips remedies your iPhone’s black display of loss of life, it’s time to recollect heavier-duty fixes. IPhones have a unique troubleshooting tool known as “recovery mode” that allows a computer to diagnose and try to fix software issues.

To boot up your iPhone in recovery mode:

  • Connect your iPhone to your pc with a suitable cable.
  • Once it’s plugged in, open iTunes.
  • On your iPhone, press and release the volume up and quantity down buttons in that order.
  • Then, press and preserve the aspect power button until you spot the restoration-mode display. It can take 10 seconds for recuperation mode to appear.
  • Once you are in restoration mode, you will have the choice to replace your OS or repair a backup to the device.

Situations like those are why it is useful to carry out a backup for your iPhone now and again. That way, if something is going wrong, you may have the latest backup to repair from. Need help? Check out our manual on how to restore your one of these iPhone from a backup.

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If after those troubleshooting hints, you’re nevertheless left with the black display screen of demise, it can be time to don’t forget a manufacturing facility reset on your iPhone.

Factory resets need to continually be the remaining thing you try because unless you have got one of these sponsored up your iPhone currently, you risk dropping your information.

But if a virtually sinister malicious program for your device is stopping your display screen from running, a manufacturing unit reset could contend with it.

Schedule a repair at the nearest uBreakiFix by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ keep and our certified professionals can get your device back up and jog as soon as the equal day.

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