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The Fastest Way to Write Dissertation Literature Review within 24 Hours

Thinking of writing a quality dissertation? Know that quality research is about building on existing research of other authors, “standing onto the shoulders of others”, as said by Newton. So, where do you stand on the shoulders of others? Yes, you have guessed it right. The dissertation literature review is the chapter where you synthesize the prior work done in your field and lay the foundation of your dissertation.

It is not a surprise that this chapter is the most important one in a dissertation. Yet, many students run out of steam when writing this chapter. They do not give proper time to this chapter, and they realize the importance of this chapter when the deadline hits their heads hard. At this stage, students do not know what to do except worry. So, keeping this in mind, today’s guide is about explaining the fastest way using which you can write your dissertation literature review within 24 hours. So, let’s start today’s discussion.

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What Is A Literature Review Chapter? Explain With Importance.

A literature review is a comprehensive summary of the previously published work in your field of study. It is a survey of books, scholarly articles, journals, and any other source relevant to your field of study which contains information related to your dissertation topic. A dissertation literature review normally describes, summarises, and objectively evaluates all the previously published work in your field of study.

Coming towards its importance, the purpose of a literature review is to gain a thorough understanding of the existing research. Identifying the potential gaps and the scope of doing research in those gaps is also one of the basic purposes of a literature review. These points make it an important dissertation chapter.

How To Write A Literature Review Within 24 Hours?

Do not let the name of the chapter, or literature review, scare you. It is just a chapter of a lengthy document, and you can complete it with little or more than little effort. All you need is a bit of guidance and knowledge of the steps to work on this chapter. As you are facing a shortage of time, I will not take enough time. So, a brief description of the strategies or steps you can take to finish writing the literature review within 24 hours is as follows:

Narrow Down Your Topic

As you are short on time, conducting a literature review of a broad topic can be challenging for you. Therefore, consider narrowing down your topic from a broader perspective to a narrower one. Take your research interests into account and allow them to guide you on what suits your interests and research ambitions. Listen to your interests, and then go for the area of the topic that has excited you. For this, you can talk to your professor, brainstorm your lecture notes, or discuss them with a friend. Getting dissertation proposal help can be beneficial for it.

Search For The Literature

Now, that you have narrowed down your topic as per your interests, the next step is to start collecting the information related to that topic. Hunt down only the most relevant and the most important papers that fit exactly within the context of your research. The reason is that in such a short time, you cannot analyze each paper gathered one by one. So, only collect the literature relevant to your topic. Additionally, do not waste your precious time on authentic and unreliable sources. Use Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Science Direct, or other research databases like these to save yourself time in writing the dissertation literature review.

Log, Catalogue, And Summarise

Once you have collected all the relevant information, it is time to start analyzing and digesting that information. You do not need to go into much detail. The reason is that the time is short, and you still have a lot of work to do to synthesize a good literature review chapter. So, only read the abstracts of the collected relevant previously published research articles. Make a summary of the important points or themes that you have found when reading the articles. Also, do not forget to organize the information when summarising it. The organization of the content at this stage will surely help in the later stages.

Create An Outline Of The Literature Review

Satisfied until now? Good to hear a loud YES. So, the next step is the creation of an outline of the literature review. Going straight into the wring process is useless when you do not have a proper plan to write a dissertation literature review. Without a plan, all your struggles and hard work will be useless. So, it is critically important to have an outline of your literature review and know-how of its structure of it. Note that your literature review section of the dissertation should flow smoothly – and this requires some planning. So, plan and then write.

Start Writing The Review

All the steps mentioned above must be completed by noon. After noon, you must start writing the literature review. The reason is that you will face many difficulties once you start writing the review. Moreover, you also have to proofread the dissertation literature review within these 24 hours. So, it is better to start writing early without taking a rest. Keep the outline of the review and summaries of the research papers in front of you when writing the literature. These will make your work a lot easier, and this chapter will be completed smoothly. Note that the structure and word count may change when writing the literature review. So, do not worry about these things. Just write, write, and write.


Conclusively, a dissertation literature review is the backbone of the whole dissertation. Crafting it right means you know your research gaps and what you need to work on in your dissertation. Although writing it within 24 hours is a bit challenging and sometimes impossible, if you work by following the steps mentioned above, you will surely finish in this time. So, read the information above and rock your literature review section.

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