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What is a Little Rocker, and What to Consider When Buying Lily and River Little Rocker?

Lily and River little rocker is a curved wooden board designed for toddlers that can be used for play or exercise. They are additionally known as wobble or balance boards. Due to their simplicity and ability to be used by people of all ages in various settings, they are among the best small, versatile toys.

A balance board might be a great addition to your home’s toys, whether you’re heavily invested in the Montessori teaching and learning method or have an active toddler or child. A little rocker is adaptable and can be used for various activities, including play, core strengthening, posture improvement, and balance development.

Balance boards are highly popular for children interested in space. They are considered necessary for a Nugget play area or a Montessori playroom. Parents who want to encourage their child’s development through play are increasingly buying balance boards for babies, toddlers, and children. Are you looking for a kid-friendly balance board? Continue reading to learn more about it before buying one.

Lily and River little rocker: What is it?

While they are frequently referred to as Montessori balance boards, they are actually more of a Waldorf toy. But because it’s made of wood, it’s also frequently categorized as a Montessori toy. In either case, it’s an excellent piece of toy.

Wooden boards with curved shapes are called little rockers. You can easily customize them using a variety of colors and designs to help you make your board uniquely yours, or you can leave them with a natural wood design.

What are some uses of a balance board?

Children’s balance boards are primarily used for amusement. Wooden balance boards promote active, free play for children, as opposed to the training balance boards available for adults (which help work core muscles as you balance). A Lily and River little rocker wonders that your kid can use it however they like; their imagination is the only restriction! There are countless play options, including a bridge, boat, mountain, tunnel, doll’s bed, and slide.

Your child will benefit from the balance board’s sturdy, rocking design as they balance, climb, or carry it during pretend play. Check out Lily and River climber reviews now! It will help them develop their physical skills, spatial awareness, and coordination. It’s the perfect toy for nourishing your kids’ developing bodies, stimulating their minds, and teaching them vital skills – all without them even realizing it!

What to consider when purchasing a wooden balance board for children?

  • Painted or plain

Similar to other wooden toys, particularly those that must withstand toddler play, such as the Pikler Triangle or a climber, you might immediately presume that a wooden balance board needs to be painted or sealed. But make sure the sealer isn’t making the board slick before choosing it or purchasing it sealed.

  • Size

Balance boards or a Lily and River little rocker typically come in a standard size for smaller and larger children. I’ll always be the one to advise getting a larger size because your child can use it right away and won’t outgrow it. After all, the purpose of wooden toys is for them to last for many years and to provide prolonged play.

  • Weight limit

Weight capacity is the limiting factor for any board. These boards can typically support a weight of at least 200 pounds, which is a sizable load. Some boards can’t support such a heavy weight because they are constructed from flimsier, less sturdy materials. Take note of this and ensure that the weight capacity meets your requirements.

  • Felt or no felt

Felt unquestionably increases the board’s grip, making it impossible to use the board as a slide or a smooth car track. You can completely do without felt if your floors are carpeted. If your floors are slippery, you might want to consider getting one felted or placing a carpet beneath the play area. There are different kinds of felt, which is another thing to remember. If you have pets, be aware that their hair will be all over your wool felt.

Is it worth buying?

Although adding a little rocker to a child’s toy collection may seem like a significant investment, it will pay off in the long run. Little rockers or wooden balance boards are excellent for kids’ physical and mental development, and because they are open-ended, they offer more play options than most toys. In other words, they can be applied in a variety of ways in a variety of games! Your child can use it as a climber or can rest under it.

A high-quality children’s balance board is a long-lasting investment that can be passed down through the generations or given to a friend once your child has finally outgrown it. They are unquestionably worthwhile if you’re looking for a toy that will last for years and encourage your child to have lengthy, engaging play sessions that are good for their developing bodies. You can check Lily and River climber reviews on their website before purchasing it.

Final verdict

Kids of any age can use a Lily and River little rocker. Kids can also use it as a climber. Both younger and older kids can enjoy and benefit from these fantastic toys. If you are considering buying a little rocker or a climber that is sturdy enough to support their weight, you can get it from Lily and River. Their collection has been designed with a board for every age group, from infants to adults (8+ years). Their largest board can support a combined weight of 200 kg, so an adult can even play on it!

Their little rocker pikler arch was created and constructed with your family’s enjoyment in mind. Play, hide, rest, and climb. Don’t stop there, though! They encourage your kid to get inventive and discover new ways to play and use a little rocker, whether it be building forts, obstacle courses, or lemonade stands. The little rocker is a smart home play structure to improve your kids’ motor skill growth, balance awareness, and much more!

So, are you prepared to buy a little rocker for your kid? You can also check Lily and River climber reviews on their website. Now is the time to browse their store and find the perfect balance board. Buy now!

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