Guest blogging, a crucial SEO growth strategy

If you dedicate yourself to the world of SEO or simply have a small blog that you want to give visibility to, this interests you. Guest blogging is not new, but it is a fundamental concept for anyone who wants to nurture their portal and gain authority on the blog. If you want to know what it is and how to implement a guest blog strategy? Keep reading

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a good link building technique that is applied in SEO strategies, as its name suggests, exchanging content with guest authors. In other words, it consists of posting content on another author’s blog in order to gain a link on another domain .

This strategy, in addition to a link outside the web , is a new way of promoting our own personal brand . But how can we find the right domains for a successful guest blogging strategy ?

It is very important that the web page speaks within the same theme as ours. It is better that the contents are in the same language as our blog, so that readers of both domains understand them and we do not have bounce and duration problems.

In accordance with this, the guest blog must also be consistent with our editorial line . Find domains that are not penalized by search engines . And finally, it is preferable that the domains in which we link have a similar or higher domain authority than our blog.

Advantages of doing guest blogging

Exchanging information with other authors will be a great contribution to our information. At first it can be very difficult to find a page with a high PageRank, but guest blogging is more than gaining authority for our blog , although this is one of the main objectives.

1. Create natural backlinks

 Search engines consider the quantity and quality of links pointing to your website when determining its ranking.

Guest blogging provides additional avenues where you can get quality backlinks . Each link you receive represents a high-quality reference to your brand. Many sites allow you to include at least one link to your website . You will soon learn that the benefits of link building are plentiful when you have the right online marketing strategy in place.

For example, by publishing in other blogs as authors, in addition to having an external link, you will also improve your personal brand and reach new audiences and readers, which is why it is very important to take care of the content you write almost as much or more than your own content.

2. Increase referral traffic

When you contribute guest posts to other sites, you help increase traffic by allowing a built-in audience. When the traffic to your website grows, the pages perform better within the search engines. Also, when you have backlinks to multiple guest blog posts, search engines find your content valuable , which ultimately helps them rank in the SERP.

3. Strengthen domain authority

Guest blogging is an effective way to help users trust your brand. When you have content on other websites that your potential customers already know about, you show your audience that you are an expert in that field. 

4. Relationship building

It is very important to establish strategic collaborations with which to position yourself in market niches, to gradually introduce yourself as an expert in the field and achieve, thanks to the popularity of the guests. With work and perseverance you will be able to improve link building , one of the most important strategies within SEO.

How to make a good guest blogging strategy ?

Now you know what guest blogging is and what advantages its application has, but where to start? We will tell you here:

Research blogs where you want to write

You may already want to start sending messages left and right, but before doing this it is essential to carry out a preliminary investigation.

Analyze the content of the blog in which you want to participate . Take a good look at their articles, the way they write, the volume of words, the quality, etc. In this way you can make sure that you are writing in the right place and for your buyer persona.

Search and select the topics you want to talk about

It is important that, before contacting, you know not only what you want to talk about, but also if the topic you have chosen is of interest to the host blog. To do this, select keywords that the host does not yet have in its content repertoire, but that fit with its top themes.

Then, look for interesting topics around this keyword in such a way that when contacting you, you can make an interesting and striking proposal.

Contact by email

Once you have the blog you want to participate in and the defined content, you can get in touch. For this, it is advisable to send a personalized email, which can briefly explain who you are, what you like about the blog and how you can add value.

After this, you can write two or three topic options related to the missing keywords on that portal, as well as suggest that they choose the topic they want you to write about, if your suggestions don’t fit.

Create quality content

If you have been able to agree to the creation of the article as a guest, it is important that you ask the conditions of that agreement:

  • Can you include links?
  • What should be the length of the content?
  • Are images, videos or other resources allowed?

Before continuing, it is important to mention that Google increasingly prioritizes the naturalness of the content

Once all the parameters are defined, it is time to start writing the content of the guest blog . It is very important that you do your best, because if you manage to make an interesting amount of quality for the audience, you can begin to meet your goal of not only attracting a new audience, but retaining it. Essential technique to grow SEO.

  • Include images, infographics or videos of your authorship that are a complement to what the text says. Remember to prioritize quality in everything.
  • Quote experts who have sufficient authority to speak on the subject and who provide a different or complementary point of view to your point of view.
  • Link content to your blog that does not necessarily include your brand name. In this way, the traffic will be much more natural.
  • Optimize the images using the keyword, reducing the size and using the meta tags .
  • Essential technique to grow SEO.

Mistakes made on a guest blog

There are things you can avoid to make your content successful and drive traffic organically:

  • Overlinking to content can be counterproductive and unnecessary.
  • Add links that are not relevant to the article.
  • Write the article self-promoting or bragging about the brand.

Always think that the content you are writing is not only intended to attract new audiences, but also to educate them and provide them with quality material. So do n’t focus on writing to get do follow links in return .

If your article has potential and is linked correctly, it will cause traffic to come by itself and perhaps be shared with more and more people. Essential technique to grow SEO.

You already guest blogged, now what?

One of the most common mistakes when guest blogging is writing, posting the content and forgetting about it. So that this does not happen to you, we advise you the following:

  • You should keep track of your post across the different platforms, check for comments, and be prepared to respond to them.
  • Share the content on your social networks so that it gains more visibility.
  • Keep your content updated : If you have used statistics, figures or data, it is important that you update them so that the information is always real and reliable.

What does Google think about guest blogging ?

Guest blogging has always been a highly respected practice, but bad practices and lack of quality have led the Google search engine to consider it a form of Spam if it is not done correctly.

As we have already indicated, quality must prevail in the articles, it is not worth just a mere exchange of links, because otherwise they will be penalized by Penguin .

How do we avoid losing quality? Eliminating duplicate content , writing with awareness and not by and for the creation of links, thus we will create a network of articles that add value on the Internet.

Essential technique to grow SEO.

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