How can I find the owner of the Gmail account

How can I find the owner of the Gmail account?

Amazing filters, great shortcuts, an alluring user interface, and great storage are a few of the highlights of Gmail. Even though it is extremely amazing yet the users keep on encountering different pitfalls like Gmail notifications not working or being unable to find the owner. To find the owner, you are supposed to read this blog, and so you will be able to resolve and troubleshoot all your problems.

To find the owner of a Gmail address, you must apply the steps:

You must find the location

  • To find out the owner of the Gmail account, you must find the location of an email address.
  • Now, you will be able to track the various information associated with it.
  • You must know the IP address of a particular email, and that is with the help of an IP address.
  • You will be able able to find the location of an email.
  • You can simply locate the IP address from the mail that you have received.
  • Thereafter you can now simply go to the header of the mail and then look for the lines which say ‘received from’ that are followed by the IP address.
  • Now, you can copy and paste the IP address that is located in the tools, like the IP location.
  • You must search the location of the sender’s address

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You should do a reverse email lookup.

  • You can simply visit the site’s home page.
  • Now, just next to the ‘find records fast’ header and then you must click on the mail to switch to that search type.
  • You can now simply type in or copy and paste the Gmail address.
  • Now, you should perform the search.
  • After must have gone through the records and has also located more information on the email address, you can simply view the detailed reporting.

How can I find out who owns a Gmail email address?

  • To do it, you are supposed to sign up for Google Calendar
  • Now, you must go to the ‘share this calendar’ tab
  • You should enter the email address in the ‘person’ box
  • Now, you must click on ‘add person’ and then simply click on ‘save.’
  • When you do return to this screen, and then you will see the first and last name along with the Gmail address

A lot of users also witness technical issues like not receiving emails Gmail. And even to fix it, you must follow and apply the steps and instructions manually.

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